Visa Options For Visiting Bali

Many tourist visit Bali to see everything that so beautiful like powerfull waterfalls, volcanoes also lush green rice paddies. To have good experience trip ini Bali, you may figure out if you must have Visa Indonesia and how the process to get it before entering Bali siland.

Visa Options For Visiting Bali

Knowing visa that suitable with your planning about trip in Bali is the best key to make sure the period of time that yo want to stay. Here the several visa options that can you choose for visiting Bali.

1. Free Tourist Visa (30 days)

For you that not staying longer than one month or 30 days yoa may free to enter Bali without a visa. Tourist will only get date stamp in passport on their arrival day.

Maximum stay up in Bali is 30 days but you will not able to extend your stay by this free tourist visa. You will get penalty if overstaying and must paid the cost 70 USD or IDR 1.000.000/ day.

2. Visa on Arrival Bali (60 days)

If the tourist have plan to stay in Bali longer than 1 month, purchase an Indonesia VOA (Visa on Arrival) when arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport. For about 68 nationalities may apply for VOA. Those VOA is valid up to 30 days an may be extended in Indonesia in total 60 days. The visa cost in cash is $35 USD; you can paid with EUR, IDR, USD and AUD.

3. Social & Business Visa (180 days)

The social & business visa for Indonesia, Bali, makes it possible for tourist to stay along 6 months in Bali island without renew their visa. Those visa isn’t for holiday tourist so you will need sponsor and visa agent to obtain those visa.

Thats all information about several visa options that can you choose for visiting Bali. You may acces link E-Visa Bali to get visa easily and quickly. So that you can spend special time in Bali with fun and more happy.