Marsha Beauty – Every woman must want to look beautiful from head to toe, no exception in the nails. For long nails, Marshalova needs extra care so that the nails do not become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In addition to keeping it clean, you must also take care of the natural color of your nails. Then, how to treat long nails so that they do not turn yellow?

Nail care you can do with manicures and pedicures in the salon. In addition, you can treat it with natural ingredients to make nails healthier and shiny. In fact, the food you consume can affect the condition of your nails, loh. Marsha Beauty will discuss how to treat nails to be healthy, strong, and not yellow. Make sure you read it to the end, Girls!

Tips for Caring for Nails to Be More Healthy and Well -Cared for

Here are some ways to treat long nails so they don’t turn yellow. Your nails will also be healthier and more beautiful.

Manicure and Pedicure Routine 

The first way to treat nails is to do manicures and pedicures regularly. Manicures do not have to be done in a salon. You can do your own nail care at home by rubbing the bottom of the nail with soap and water.

During treatment, you should avoid cutting the cuticle so that your nails are not infected. In addition, you can use cuticle cream to massage your nails every week and brush your nails to make the ends neater.

Avoid Things That Can Damage Nails

The way to keep long nails from breaking is to avoid things that can damage the nails, such as biting the nails and soaking them in water for too long. Also, avoid using your nails to open things. You also need to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage your nails.

Don’t Choose Nail Paint Arbitrarily

So that your long nails are not yellow, it is best not to choose nail polish indiscriminately. If you want to color your nails, choose a really quality nail polish. In addition, choose nails that do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your nails.

In choosing a nail remover, you must also be selective. A good nail polish remover is one that does not contain acetone and other chemicals that are hard to damage nails.

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Use Natural Ingredients for Nail Care

In addition to treatments in the salon, you can treat your nails with natural ingredients that are at home, loh. If you want to make your nails more shiny, you can soak them in a solution of salt and water. You can also use watermelon skin for long nail care so that it does not turn yellow.

Other ingredients that can be used for nail care are onions, turmeric, to white vinegar. Although using natural ingredients, you still have to do it right, such as not soaking your nails for too long so that they do not break easily.

Take Care Of Food Intake To Make Nails Healthier 

The last way to treat long nails to stay clean and healthy is to maintain food intake. When the body’s nutrition is met, then your nails will be kept in good condition. For that, make sure you consume fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts.

In addition, meet the body’s fluid needs by increasing the consumption of white water. Finally, the consumption of supplements to meet vitamin needs. You can also take supplements of zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and essential fatty acids.

Caring for long nails so that they do not turn yellow is actually not too difficult. With simple things like the above, Marshalova can get healthy and well-groomed long nails.