Capella Singapore is known well for its endless luxury. Every inch of the hotel shows off the elegance that will make you mesmerized.  But, there are more things to explore when it comes to facilities, especially its complimentary services. Guests mostly use their SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to enjoy the best prices ever! 

Excellent Ballroom

This hotel has the famous Grand Ballroom. This ballroom is the only circular one in the city where guests can enjoy the skylight from the skylight dome. The LED wall is the biggest one in the town.

The highlight here is Nikolas Weinstein’s glass sculpture that includes 10,000 clear glass tubes. They create an astonishing visual effect complementing the natural light from the skylight. The ballroom has a foyer named Portico. It can accommodate 500 guests in which are famous for wedding events in the city.

Refreshments and Snacks

Capella Singapore is famous for its complimentary snacks and refreshments. The best thing about them is the various kinds of snacks that are not only healthy but also very delicious. Guests are required to make prior reservations, for the sake of avoiding too many people within the Capella Living Room.

In-Room Refreshments

Of course, nobody will have a shortage of refreshments in every room. There are soft drinks, bottled water, and juices. Besides, there are also tea and coffee makers within each room. So, what can be better than that?

Welcome Amenities

They are the most favorite parts of staying in this elegant hotel. Welcome amenities here vary, depending on guests’ special moments. Those who celebrate wedding anniversaries, honeymoons, or birthdays will be amazed at the tailored amenities here.

Wireless Internet Access

No wonder Capella Singapore is popular among expatriates and business people worldwide. It is also popular for a staycation. Remote working here is much easier with the fast WiFi that supports everyone’s business and is fun at the same time.


The complimentary laundry pressing is also available. That is the best service for business people who don’t want to bother with their business meeting preparation.

The Living Room

There is exclusive access to this room that serves lots of snacks, refreshments, beverages, and so forth. There are also board games, reading materials like newspapers and magazines, and many more.

Admission Charge to Sentosa

For guests who stay in certain rooms at this hotel, there is a complimentary admission charge for enjoying some interesting sites at Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island has lots of activities for everyone. They are not only for fun purposes but also for education.

Capella Culturist Service

Living in this hotel is more than just enjoying luxurious facilities. Culturist service is also popular among guests who want to learn craftsmanship. Guests can learn about making Singaporean or Asian cuisines, traveling to some ancient cultural places, and many more. Only this hotel can provide such service.

Capella Singapore has no shortage of facilities. Make sure you use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers and you will be surprised how delightful this hotel and its nearby places are.